Patient Spotlight: David Raymond

Essential tremor isn’t easy. Many individuals with these common hand tremors experience a lack of autonomy as they lose the ability to do easy everyday tasks, such as drinking water or signing their name — but treatment can offer needed relief. Today, the Essential Tremor Education Center would like to highlight the story of David Raymond, who underwent the Neuravive procedure performed by Dr. Elias from the University of Virginia Medical Center.

Tremors don’t always affect the elderly. Raymond’s tremors started young—when he was around 10 years old. He notes that, even at that age, he couldn’t handle some normal tasks such as taking pictures. Raymond lived with his tremors for about 60 years before he received treatment. He learned about Neuravive through his son-in-law, who heard about it while relaying Raymond’s symptoms to his friend who is a doctor.

Raymond, seeking symptomatic relief, decided to undergo this new procedure that treated the brain with focused ultrasound waves without using surgery. He says the procedure “didn’t seem like it was three hours long. It went by really quickly.” Post-treatment, he enjoyed things that the tremor previously made difficult: “I toasted everybody at a dinner party a few days after the procedure. Another thing, I could cut my meat into pieces too, so I didn’t feel like a kid.”

His thoughts about the overall treatment experience in one word: “Miraculous.” To those who are currently on the fence about seeking treatment for symptomatic relief, he explains, “I am so pleased with the entire experience and I am excited to live the rest of my life. I really look forward to it now.”

If you’re like Raymond and also experience hand tremors, then consider seeking treatment. Several options are available, ranging from medication to surgery, to the non-invasive Neuravive. Many who have undergone treatment have also been able to return to their daily life without tremors holding them back. You can learn more about the options that may be available to you by calling the educators at the Essential Tremor Education Center today at 844-NO-TREMOR.