Certain Foods Can Exacerbate Essential Tremor

A healthy diet goes a long way — it’s good for both your body and mind. But can it also help manage essential tremor symptoms? It’s true that a healthy diet won’t cure your hand tremors. However, some foods containing neurotoxins can exacerbate symptoms. Removing them from your diet while continuing to eat healthy may offer some relief.

Why Are Some Foods Bad for Tremor?

Certain foods carry high levels of beta-carboline neurotoxins. High levels of harmane have been found in individuals who experience tremors, especially those with essential tremors; they have been found to have higher levels of this neurotoxin in their bloodstream than people who don’t.

What Foods Have Harmane?

Harmane levels are especially high in all variety of meats, whether it’s white meat, red meat, or seafood. Food preparation can also affect the levels. Generally, broiled foods have the highest harbane content and grilled have the lowest.

Not all meats are equal; some have considerably higher harmane levels than others. Chicken has been found to be the worst culprit, followed by grilled salmon and fried pork. Grilled hamburger and beef steak have the least amount of harmane and are possibly the best options if you don’t want to cut out meat but still want to lower the amount of harmane you consume.

Harmane can be also be found in tobacco and caffeine, but in very low levels. It isn’t enough to affect you the same way as meat. However, keep in mind that tobacco and caffeine are stimulants, so they still may exacerbate your symptoms.

For some, cutting meat out entirely may help manage symptoms, but for others, modifying your diet may not be enough. If your hand tremors are affecting your quality of life beyond a level you can manage, then treatment may be your next step. You can find out what treatments are available to you by reaching out to the Essential Tremor Education Center. Call 844-NO-TREMOR today to speak to one of our educators — they’ll be happy to answer your questions and offer support.