Eating Utensils for Essential Tremor

We all need food to survive. But for those with hand tremors, basic tasks like eating and drinking can become complicated or embarrassing. The psychological impact of this can also be stressful which can be a trigger for a more severe tremor. Luckily, there are tools available to help you regain autonomy. These various dining utensils are designed to make it easy to enjoy a meal — without worrying about spilling food.

Weighted Eating Utensils

Weighted forks and spoons have been popular for individuals with any sort of tremor. The weight helps to steady the tremor so that the utensils are easier to control. This set also comes with a contoured handle to comfortably fit the natural grooves in your hand. You can find a full set of forks, spoons, and knives here.

Slant Scoop Dish

Are you struggling to get food out of the bowl without spilling? There are bowls designed to make eating simple with a tremor. This dish has a slanted rim so that you can scrape food against the high wall for an easy, no-mess dinner. The lower wall also gives you more room to get your spoon in the bowl, without bumping the rim. The bowl itself is also skid-resistant, for added stability when it’s sitting on the table.

Non-spill Cup

Having a cup that’s easy to drink out of can be a huge relief. This cup has an easy-grip handle and a lid so you don’t have to worry about spilling a drop. There’s room for a straw, and you don’t have to spend money on any fancy straws for this cup — the average store-bought pack will do just fine.

With a combination of weighted spoons, skid-resistant bowls, and non-spill cups, you can enjoy eating again without worrying about making any sort of mess. If your hand tremors are too severe for this sort of management, then treatment may be your next step. You can see what treatment options may be available by calling one of our educators today at 844-NO-TREMOR.