Essential Tremor Focused Ultrasound Treatment Could Become More Widespread

For those who have been unresponsive to essential tremor treatment, another option may soon be more widely available. The newest noninvasive treatment, MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS), has only been FDA-approved for a year. Many patients have experienced a diminished tremor

University of Maryland Medical Center’s Critical Role in the Pivotal Study for Focused Ultrasound

Although hand tremors are most commonly associated with Parkinson’s, another tremor is eight times as common: essential tremor. This action tremor can affect anyone, although it’s most often seen in people over 60. Despite a large number of people affected

A New Medical Group Was Formed Just for Focused Ultrasound Treatments

As focused ultrasound treatments become more well-known among physicians, more specialists are utilizing focused ultrasound to treat a wide variety of conditions. A new group has recently emerged to use focused ultrasound to treat essential tremor: Sperling Medical Group. Based

Brain Experts Present Essential Tremor Treatment Webinars About New Outpatient Sound Wave Treatment

Two free, informative webinars on the new FDA-approved focused ultrasound technology to treat essential tremor are being hosted by the Essential Tremor Education Center in June. Dr. Travis Tierney, from the Sperling Medical Group, and Dr. Paul Fishman, from the