Educator Spotlight: Rachel Morrison

The Essential Tremor Education Center’s team of educators love to help others through their struggles with essential tremor symptoms. For many, treatment options are available that could offer much-needed symptomatic relief. Our educators are here to support those with essential tremor and help them learn about which treatment option they may desire to pursue. Today we’re highlighting our educator Rachel Morrison and her thoughts about essential tremor.

Rachel’s passion for educating people about tremors stems from her love of connecting with other human beings. From a young age, she enjoyed psychology and human connections, leading her to pursue a Master’s degree in counseling. She notes that helping others can be difficult—especially when it comes to navigating the financial burden of treatment: “Hearing how many people are suffering and knowing that they could get the help, but not having it accessible is the hardest part.” Questions about the cost of treatment are among the most frequent.

But the ability to give support to so many people is still fulfilling. She says she enjoys “having that journey from the first phone call to the post [treatment] phone call. You can hear how happy they are. They thank me for being there with them for the support, rather than having to do it themselves.” Although essential tremor is the most common movement tremor, few are aware of it, which can make many feel isolated—Rachel works hard to make sure people don’t feel so alone.

A treatment Rachel discusses often is Neuravive, a new treatment that uses FDA-approved focused ultrasound technology to treat the affected area of the brain without using surgery. She says, “It’s non-invasive. No incision, no anesthesia, people can get back to their lives within 24 hours. There’s not a lot of need for follow-up or continual care.” Many who have undergone the treatment have enjoyed a significantly reduced tremor afterward.

Rachel is optimistic about the future of essential tremor. To those currently seeking treatment for their essential tremor symptoms, she says “There is a new option, there are new treatments available. The technology and the medical field are advancing. They’re learning more about the brain and creating new ways to help these patients. Don’t give up hope. There’s a solution for everybody!” If you’d like to learn more about what solutions may be available, you can call 844-NO-TREMOR today to speak with one of our educators.