Educator Spotlight, Shayla Dougher, Tells Her Story

The Essential Tremor Education Center appreciates our educators who work hard to help patients seeking treatment for their hand tremors and understand the treatment options that may be available to them. Essential tremor can be even more debilitating psychologically than physically—and our educators are available to offer understanding support. Today we’d like to highlight one of our educators, Shayla Dougher, whose love for helping people led her to work with essential tremor patients.

Shayla’s first step toward helping others was her love for nonprofit work. She says, “I just wanted to help people. I could do what I loved and I could help people.” Essential tremor education was a natural path, and she considers herself fortunate for taking it.

Education can be challenging, however. She often fields difficult questions such as why the new Neuravive treatment doesn’t treat both hands—a question she knows the answer for treating both hands led to a speech impediment in many cases. But, she’s optimistic about the quality of life following treatment: “There are studies that say if you have your dominant hand back, your life is drastically improved. Let’s do those first.”

The new Neuravive treatment, which uses focused ultrasound to treat hand tremors, has been beneficial to many. Shayla shares an inspiring story about a patient who had both a hand and a voice tremor: “She gets her hand back. I called and she sounded really good. I called a month later and she said, ‘my world has gone from black and white to technicolor.’ She spoke with confidence and she was off of medication.” Like many who follow advancements in treatment, Shayla is excited about Neuravive. She says, “For most, it’s instantly effective. It’s non-invasive, it’s different and it’s exciting. Also, the MRI guidance results in great precision.”

For those who are currently suffering from essential tremor, Shayla says the team is here to help: “We’re here to support them…We love to help them.” If you currently have hand tremors and want to learn more about treatment options that are available, you can speak with one of our educators at the Essential Tremor Education Center by calling 844-NO-TREMOR.