Elimination Diet: Potential for Relieving Some Essential Tremor Symptoms

Before seeking treatment for essential tremor, some may want to look into other options for symptomatic relief. If you have a mild tremor, an elimination diet may be able to help you better manage your symptoms. Be sure to consult a physician before making any changes to your diet or eliminating certain foods to make sure you’re doing what is most healthy for you.

Try an Elimination Diet

The purpose of an elimination diet is to identify any nutritional factors that may be making your tremor worse. You can start by removing certain foods from your diet for two to three weeks. If symptoms improve, start reintroducing foods, one by one, into your diet. This will help you get a better idea of which foods impact your tremor. There are certain foods you can start with that are more likely to exacerbate tremors.

Caffeinated beverages and foods are a great place to start when choosing what to eliminate from your diet first. Stimulants are a known trigger for tremors. This group can include coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks, and tea. Many people think that caffeine only comes from beverages, but watch out for caffeine in foods such as chocolate, certain ice creams, and even some types of jerky.

Alcoholic beverages and tobacco can also make tremors worse. Avoid alcohol from two to three weeks and see if your tremor symptoms are less pronounced. You can also do this with smoking tobacco.

Once you’ve discovered which foods are largely responsible for triggering your tremor, continue to try other foods just in case you find additional causes. Other types of foods to try include dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, and milk. Other foods such as eggs, meat (especially red meat), and certain fruits and vegetables could be tested out as well.

Make sure you do not eliminate all of these foods and beverages at once, but start with a couple at a time so you can find out what makes your tremor worse. As for what other foods to remove, make sure to talk to a nutritionist to see what would be most healthy and beneficial for your overall health.

While dietary changes and herbal remedies can help with symptoms, there are treatments for essential tremor. If your symptoms are too severe to manage, it may be time to see what treatment options could help. Want to see what paths may be available to your essential tremor? Talk to our educators today by calling 844-NO-TREMOR.