Essential Tremor Educator Spotlight: Danica Smith’s Story

The Essential Tremor Education Center has assembled a team of educators who are incredibly passionate about helping those with essential tremor gain knowledge and find the treatment they need. As education is one of the first steps toward learning treatment options that may be available, we consider our educators to be a key resource for support. Today, we’d like to highlight our educator Danica Smith, who is dedicated to helping others learn about essential tremor treatment options.

Danica’s passion for helping people with essential tremor stems from watching her mother take care of her parents and the elderly. She says that her mother’s influence led her to develop a nurturing spirit, which she has funneled toward essential tremor patients. Still, helping others can be challenging. It’s not easy for Danica to hear heartbreaking stories and know she can’t help everyone.

But is helping others worth the time? Yes—entirely. “I enjoy watching and hearing the excitement and seeing the glow on someone’s face after having the treatment,” Danica says. “I love hearing them say they are able to do things that they haven’t been able to do in years.” The treatment she refers to is Neuravive, a new treatment option that uses focused ultrasound waves to treat the brain without the use of surgery. Many patients who have undergone this new, FDA-approved treatment have experienced a reduced tremor immediately post-procedure.

Neuravive is a treatment Danica helps essential tremor patients understand, and she often receives questions relating to insurance coverage,  effectiveness, and how it works. She finds that people most often make the connection when she explains that ultrasound is just soundwaves—like the ones that let you see a baby in the womb.

To those considering treatment but are unsure about options, she says, “You have an option that doesn’t require surgery and that works.” If you’d like to learn more about Neuravive, or another essential tremor treatment option that may be available to you, our team of educators at the Essential Tremor Education Center are more than happy to lend their support. You can talk to an educator by calling us today at 844-NO-TREMOR.