When Your Essential Tremor Needs More than Medication

Sometimes, essential tremor patients have many medication options, but are not satisfied with the results. You might be feeling helpless in the fight against your essential tremor. For many patients, medication isn’t enough to combat the symptoms faced everyday. Luckily, more than just one option for essential tremor treatment exists. When medications are failing, it may be helpful to consider other treatment options. Here are some reasons why your medication might not be working for you. You may wish to consider alternative procedures to handle your essential tremor.

Medicines Wear Off

Over time, medication effectiveness dwindles because the body develops a tolerance to the drug. This often happens with beta blockers used to treat essential tremor symptoms. Beta blockers can eventually become ineffective, especially when given in the same dose over an extended period. If your medication isn’t helping you like it once did, you may have built up a tolerance.

Symptoms Are Too Strong

The medications used to treat essential tremor are typically either anti-seizure medications or beta blockers, both of which can bring along undesirable side effects. Commonly reported symptoms of these drugs include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, decreased sex drive, sleeping problems, or fatigue.

Medicines Impact Daily Life

Whether you’re experiencing one or all of these possible side effects, they could be interfering with your daily life. Essential tremor itself is enough to make everyday activities feel impossible, and lots of unwanted side effects can only make you feel worse. This is especially true if the medication is no longer relieving tremors. If your tremor is impacting your daily life, even while using medication, an alternative may be the solution:

  • Gamma Knife: Uses radiation on a small focal point to target a specific area in the brain. It’s intended to eliminate the overactive cells that cause tremors.
  • Deep Brain Stimulation: Involves the implantation of a device within the brain. The device regulates abnormal brain activity and nerve signals that cause tremors. This is a surgery and requires recovery time.
  • Neuravive: Uses focused ultrasound technology directed towards a single part of the brain to destroy cells linked to essential tremor. The results from this type of treatment are generally experienced immediately.

Don’t feel that medications are the only way to manage your essential tremor. Discuss alternate options with your physician that could potentially benefit you and your symptoms. Essential tremor treatment can be a complex process; investigating treatment options and working with your physician could take you on a path to tremor reduction. Contact our essential tremor educators through live chat to learn more about essential tremor and treatment options.