The Firsts Achieved by Our Essential Tremor Alliance Members

The Essential Tremor Education Center aims to deliver accurate essential tremor information and news to those with essential tremor and their loved ones. To make sure you have the best information possible, we’ve assembled an alliance of medical providers who have been pioneers in researching essential tremor treatment. Today, we would like to highlight the milestones our alliance members have reached in researching and providing a new treatment option to patients, MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS). This treatment uses MRI to target the area of the brain responsible for the tremor, and then uses focused ultrasound beams to lesion the area, effectively diminishing the tremor for many.

Sperling Medical Group

Located in Delray Beach, Florida, the Sperling Medical Group has been nationally recognized as a leader in MRI-guided technology. Dr. Travis Tierney and Dr. Dan Sperling have also received recognition for their roles in using MRI to treat a variety of conditions. After MRgFUS became FDA-approved, Sperling took this opportunity to use it to treat essential tremor patients, making them among the first in Florida to use MRgFUS to treat the condition.

Weill Cornell Brain & Spine Center

Weill Cornell Brain & Spine Center is a highly recognized hospital in New York, ranking as the #1 hospital in the state for 16 years in a row. Dr. Michael Kaplitt initially participated in the essential tremor clinical trial for MRgFUS and continued performing the procedure for Weill Cornell’s patients just weeks after it was FDA-approved. His work marks the first time that Focused Ultrasound treatment was performed in New York.

All Alliance Members

Each of our alliance members has taken steps toward uncovering new research about treating essential tremor, including:

  • Swedish Medical Center and Dr. Ryder Gwinn, whose research was critical for FDA-approval of Focused Ultrasound treatment for essential tremor.
  • The University of Maryland Medical Center and Dr. Howard Eisenberg, who is an established leader in researching essential tremor.
  • The University of Virginia Medical Center and Dr. Jeffrey Elias, who led an international clinical trial of 76 patients that proved that Focused Ultrasound treatment was a safe and effective option for essential tremor patients.

It’s thanks to our alliance members that we’re able to keep you up-to-date with advances made in essential tremor treatment. They have all dedicated their time to learning more about essential tremor and offering new, quality treatments to those searching for tremor relief. If you’d like to learn more about our alliance members and their accomplishments, you can do so here.