Get Dressed With Essential Tremor

Essential tremor is most severe whenever you are using your hands. Eating, putting on makeup, drinking a glass of water, and even getting dressed in the morning can be complicated with hand tremors. Luckily, not all clothes require a very steady hand to put on—unless they have buttons. There’s no need to ask someone else to button up your shirts for you. There are resources available that can help you get dressed with ease.

It’s easy to see how buttons can feel impossible when you have a tremor. Getting a small button through a thin eyelet can irritate people who have a steady hand. And you may not want to remove button-up shirts from your wardrobe, either, as they’re a staple for office jobs with professional dress codes. Some clothing manufacturers have seen the need for dress shirts that are easy to take on and off—so you no longer have to worry about dressing yourself.

You can find tremor-friendly dress shirts for men and women at MagnaReady. Instead of trying to match a button to an eyelet, their shirts have easy, magnetically-infused buttons. They’re also 100 percent cotton for comfort, and wrinkle-resistant as well—so you don’t have to worry about holding an iron steady, either. These shirts let you stay comfortable and classy, minus the stress of small buttons.

If you already have button-up shirts and don’t want to replace your wardrobe, there are answers for you, as well: weighted button aids. These tools have a heavy grip that helps you steady your hand. An attached wire loop button hook lets you pull a button through an eyelet. You can find these tools here.

Essential tremor may make you feel as though you’ve lost autonomy, but tools and clothing exist to help you bring independence back into your life. And, if your hand tremors significantly impact your daily life, there are treatment options available that can help you minimize symptoms. The Essential Tremor Education Center has a team of educators dedicated to answering your questions about essential tremor and treatment. You can talk to an educator today by calling 844-NO-TREMOR.