Helpful Apps for Those Struggling with Essential Tremor

Apps have become useful for almost everything in life—including essential tremor. When you’re trying to manage hand tremors, even using your phone can become difficult. Luckily, there are apps available to help you navigate through your phone, text, and even monitor the severity of your tremor. Here are four helpful apps to look for the next time you’re browsing through an app store.


Icons on most touchscreen phones are tiny. If you have a tremor, it can be very easy to accidentally open the wrong app. Although BIGLauncher is marketed toward individuals with poor vision, the large icons can also serve as a huge help to people who struggle with essential tremor. By increasing the size of icons on your home screen, you nearly guarantee that you’ll go to the right app.


Do you want an idea of how severe your tremor is but haven’t seen a specialist? Or maybe you want to monitor your tremor over time. StudyMyTremor is here to help. This app will measure and analyze your tremor, helping you further monitor your own tremor health.


Dexteria’s goal is to provide hand and finger activities that can help you improve your dexterity. The exercises are designed to be completed in short sessions, so you can easily fit hand and finger exercises into your schedule.

Typeway (iPad only)

If you have an iPad and struggle to use the on-screen keyboard, Typeway may be a viable alternative. This app replaces your tablet’s keyboard with one that automatically adjusts the location of the keys to match your typing style. You can let it continue to adapt to your hands, or you can freeze the keyboard setting that you most prefer.

When you have hand tremors, any bit of assistance can help bring a valuable amount of autonomy back into your life. But if you find that your tremors too heavily affect your life, consider seeking treatment. You can learn more about treatment options by calling 1-800-NO-TREMOR to speak with our educators at the Essential Tremor Education Center.