Manage Essential Tremor Symptoms by Limiting Stimulants

There are daily tasks that many take for granted, such as writing legibly and drinking water without the fear of spilling. Those who experience essential tremor symptoms often see these tasks as a constant test of patience. Understanding the triggers that make these tremors worse can be a vital step in learning how to manage their severity. One trigger we at the Essential Tremor Education Center recommend limiting is stimulants.

Because it’s an action tremor, essential tremor is most noticeable when it’s the most inconvenient: when you’re trying to use your hands to complete your daily tasks. While treatment may diminish the tremor, some may prefer to learn how to manage mild symptoms. Avoiding triggers, such as stimulants, can aid tremor management. Stimulants have a negative effect on the tremor, adding to its severity and the stress you may experience when using your hands. The most common forms of stimulants include:


For many people, caffeine is a normal part of the morning routine that helps us wake up and prepare for our day. For those with essential tremor, however, caffeine hinders the ability to easily handle most tasks. Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee or a soda, try planning your evenings so that you consistently get enough sleep. You’ll feel more naturally well-rested—and you’ll take steps toward avoiding fatigue, another common trigger.

Stimulant Asthma Medications

If you have asthma, your doctor may have you on a medication that’s also a stimulant. Asthma treatment is important—it’s not recommended to stop taking something your doctor has prescribed for your health. But, if it’s something you use frequently, you may benefit from discussing the medication with your doctor to see if there are viable options that offer asthma relief without triggering your tremor.

Some triggers for essential tremor symptoms are difficult to manage. Common triggers, like stress and anxiety, cannot be avoided completely. Limiting your use of stimulants can be an easier and more viable way to manage symptoms for some. However, others may find that their tremors are too severe to manage. If this is you, then treatment may give you symptomatic relief. Our educators at the Essential Tremor Education Center are available if you want to learn more about how to manage or treat essential tremor—you can contact us by calling 844-NO-TREMOR.