Meet 5 Doctors Dedicated to the Treatment of Essential Tremor

The Essential Tremor Education Center’s goal is to educate those with essential tremor and their loved ones about the condition, as well as the treatment options that may be available to them. To do so, the Center has assembled an alliance of medical centers that have been prominent in researching and treating tremor. Today, we’d like to highlight five of their doctors who are dedicated to essential tremor treatment.

  • Ryder Gwinn, MD

Dr. Ryder Gwinn is a neurosurgeon and Director of Epilepsy Surgery and Functional Neurosurgery at Swedish Medical Center, currently the largest nonprofit health provider in Seattle. Certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery, Gwinn’s top focus at Swedish has been patients suffering from disorders of the spine and central nervous system. His research into MRI-guided focused ultrasound treatment for essential tremor was a critical factor in getting the treatment approved by the FDA.

  • Travis Tierney, MD, DPhil

Dr. Travis Tierney is the Director of Neurosurgery from the Sperling Medical Group, a radiology-focused center that is nationally recognized as a leader in the use of MRI-guided technology. Tierney has played a role in bringing focused ultrasound treatment for essential tremor to more patients. He was the Principal Investigator at the Harvard site of a multi-institutional clinical trial of MRgFUS to treat essential tremor, and is now the first in the world to have treated epilepsy using Neuravive.

  • Howard Eisenberg, MD

Dr. Howard Eisenberg is a neurosurgeon and the Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at University of Maryland Medical Center, one of the oldest teaching hospitals in the nation. His goal is to make treatment safer, less invasive, and more effective. His research on focused ultrasound treatment for essential tremor has been highlighted by one of the top medical journals, the New England Journal of Medicine.

  • Jeffrey Elias, MD

Dr. Jeffrey Elias is a neurosurgeon and the Director of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery at the University of Virginia Medical Center, recognized for the Center’s achievements in neurology and neurosurgery. Elias has been busy with research for essential tremor treatment—he has led 76 patients in an international clinical trial to show how focused ultrasound treatment can be both safe and effective for treating symptoms.

  • Dr. Michael Kaplitt, MD, Ph.D

Dr. Michael Kaplitt is a neurosurgeon and the Director of Movement Disorders and Pain at the Weill Cornell Medicine Brain and Spine Center, ranked the number one hospital in New York by the US News and World Report. Kaplitt is the first in New York to offer focused ultrasound treatment to those with essential tremor. He also serves on the editorial board for several highly prestigious scientific and medical journals.

The Essential Tremor Educational Center appreciates these alliance members for all they do to help educate and treat those with essential tremor. Their voices are already helping to push forward newer, less invasive essential tremor treatment options for many. If you’d like to learn more about essential tremor and these treatment options, please call us at 844-NO-TREMOR today, or take our End My Tremor Now quiz to determine potential treatment paths.