A New Treatment Option Gets Golfers Back to the Green

For someone that loves golfing, there must be no better feeling than a beautiful day and a perfect swing on that initial tee off. For some people with essential tremor, like Joe Cusenza, the first tee off is no longer a great beginning to a day of golfing, but an impossible task that proves to be more challenging than a hole in one. Essential tremor is a relatively common condition, and it’s recognized by the uncontrollable shakes that affect the extremities of those who are afflicted with it. Joe Cusenza’s essential tremor nearly left him unable to partake in his favorite activity, but with a new essential tremor treatment, he can now spend lengthy hours on the green and tee off easily.

The treatment that eased Cusenza’s hand tremors was called Neuravive. Unlike brain surgery, Neuravive is a procedure that uses FDA approved focused ultrasound technology (MRgFUS) to treat patients with essential tremor who have not responded to medication. MRgFUS uses conventional ultrasound beams, focused on a point inside of the brain, to destroy cells associated with the essential tremor. The results are typically felt immediately and the procedure generally does not require a hospital stay. The procedure is carefully targeted and tested first with harmless sound waves. Once the initial testing is complete, slightly stronger sound waves are used to verify the location to ensure the patient’s tremors are beginning to be reduced without side effect. The final, strongest beams, are meant to neutralize the cells causing essential tremor.

During the Neuravive treatment process, the patient is awake and communicating with the doctor administering the treatment. This is key for doctors to see the effects of the waves in real time as tremors fade and voluntary muscle control is gained. The patient also receives a button he or she can use to signal the doctor to stop or pause the process.

Neuravive has a strong safety profile and could be an effective option for patients with essential tremor that aren’t responding to medication. This option has enabled people like Cusenza to relieve their tremors and tee off without limitations. With the various essential tremor treatments available, including Neuravive, essential tremor sufferers have the potential to overcome their tremor.