New York’s Essential Tremor Neuravive Treatment Pioneer: Dr. Kaplitt

Today, almost a year from the pioneering trial to diminish essential tremor symptoms, the Essential Tremor Education Center would like to highlight Dr. Kaplitt’s contributions to a new treatment. Dr. Kaplitt, from the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center, is consistently named one of the top doctors in New York—and has been a major voice in educating people about the new, FDA-approved treatment option for essential tremor utilizing MR-guided focused ultrasound technology.

On July 21st, 2016, just shortly after it was FDA-approved, Dr. Kaplitt became the first doctor in New York to relieve essential tremor symptoms using Neuravive, a new procedure utilizing FDA-approved focused ultrasound technology. This was during a clinical trial that tested the use of focused ultrasound technology to locate and then lesion the source of the tremor—without invasive surgery. Focused ultrasound treatments had previously seen success in treating uterine fibroids, as well as breast and prostate cancer, and now the technology can be used to treat essential tremor. The focused ultrasound techniques are precise as they overcome the obstacle of penetrating the skull and lesion the troublesome area of the brain.

Dr. Kaplitt’s earlier contributions to neurological disorders made him an ideal participant to lead the trial; he had previously been a pioneer in testing the benefits of gene therapy for those with Parkinson’s. Participants in the essential tremor clinical trial treated by Dr. Kaplitt enjoyed a diminished tremor after undergoing treatment, and he’s excited about what the positive results of this trial could mean for not only essential tremor treatment, but other conditions including other movement disorders, Alzheimer’s, and metastatic brain tumors.

The successes of Dr. Kaplitt’s New York trial last summer have been highlighted on a number of shows such as the Charlie Rose Show, Good Day New York, and Business Insider. He’s appeared alongside one of his first patients, Alexandra Lebenthal, who serves as proof that MR-guided focused ultrasound treatment can be a potential benefit to those who have been suffering from hand tremor.

The Essential Tremor Education Center is glad that Weill Cornell, where Dr. Kaplitt utilizes this procedure, is one of our valued Alliance Members dedicated to educating more about essential tremor. If you or a loved one is experiencing essential tremor symptoms, please call us at 844-NO-TREMOR to learn more about essential tremor and the treatment options that may be available.