Participate in an Essential Tremor Fundraising Walk Near You

March is Essential Tremor Awareness Month! Despite being one of the most common hand tremors, many people are unaware that it exists — in part because its symptoms are often confused with other conditions such as Parkinson’s. But more awareness about this condition is growing, spurring efforts for new treatment options to offer much-needed symptomatic relief. Do you want to help others with awareness and fundraising efforts? You can offer a lot of valuable assistance by participating in an essential tremor fundraising walk. There are many scheduled across the country throughout March.

Find a walk near you

An awareness walk has a lot to offer. First, it’s a reminder that you are not alone. You have the chance to connect with others who understand what it’s like to live with essential tremor. Also, you have the chance to teach others about the tremor and raise money for more research and treatment efforts. Walks are scheduled in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Texas. You can learn more details and register for a walk here.

Schedule a walk in your community

If a walk isn’t scheduled near you, why not create one yourself? If you have the time and resources, scheduling a walk can help you teach your people in your community about essential tremor and connect with others who have tremors. You can set up a route, recruit participants, and make the most of your creativity to plan awesome fundraising activities. If you’re interested or want more ideas, the International Essential Tremor Foundation put together an easy-to-follow instructional guide.

We hope you’re able to participate in one of the essential tremor walks this year! If not, don’t worry — there are still other ways to make the most of Essential Tremor Awareness Month. If you would like to learn more about hand tremors and treatment options that may be available to you, reach out to one of our educators at the Essential Tremor Education Center. Our team is here to offer support and answer your questions about symptoms and treatment. You can talk to an educator by calling 844-NO-TREMOR today.