Patient Spotlight: Katina Ansen “I can paint! I can draw!”

Essential tremor can affect many aspects of someone’s life—from everyday tasks like holding a glass of water, to the ability to enjoy your favorite hobby. Katina Ansen, a fine graphic artist and a patient of Dr. Michael Kaplitt’s at Weill Cornell Brain & Spine Center, was unable to keep up with her love of art after she developed a tremor. But, after undergoing essential tremor treatment at Weill Cornell, she has enjoyed a new, tremor-free life.

Ansen was treated using Neuravive, also known as MR-guided Focused Ultrasound. This no incision procedure uses MRI to target the area of the brain causing the tremor and then uses focused ultrasound to lesion the brain—without the use of scalpels or open incisions. Katina desired to undergo this treatment to be an example for her children. Essential tremor can be hereditary, and she wanted to prove to them that there were treatment options available if they were to ever develop the same disease.  Plus, she wanted to feel like herself again—the tremor had been exhausting.

After undergoing Neuravive, Katina has been able to enjoy her life, tremor-free. She refers to herself as “Katina 2.0.” She says, “I am no longer worried that I will be disabled, embarrassed or have to ask for help doing small things. … I have been an artist my entire life and I was so frustrated, but after my [focused ultrasound] treatment I am flourishing in my studio once again!” She says she feels a 100 percent improvement in her treated hand—and she has put her newfound steadiness into her art.

Katina encourages others to seek out essential tremor treatment such as Neuravive so that they, too, can get back to enjoying the things they love most. She says, “I wake up every day and hold out my hand and smile…Yes, I can paint! I can draw! I can sign my name! I can drink a glass of water without spilling, cook without splashing, get dressed without shaking, put on makeup with precision, do simple tasks at ease!” To view the artwork Katina is now able to create because of the focused ultrasound treatment, please visit her site at or you can click here to visit her Instagram page. Katina even dedicated a piece created with Swarovski crystals to her tremor free existence called, “Sweet Spot;” it is a must see.


If you or a loved one are currently experiencing hand tremors, our educators can help you learn more about Neuravive, or other treatment options that may be available to you. You can speak to an educator today by calling 844-NO-TREMOR, 844-668-7366.