Patient Spotlight: Kyle Fernandez

When is it time to finally investigate treating hand tremors? For Kyle Fernandez, he decided decades after first developing a tremor. Unlike many people who don’t experience tremors until later in life, Fernandez developed his tremors as a child. It wasn’t until he discovered MR-guided focused ultrasound treatment, also known as Neuravive, that he decided to finally undergo treatment.

During his discussion with Doug Couch on Tremor Chats, Fernandez explained he has had tremors for as long as he can remember. His parents initially considered it to be a side-effect of his asthma medication — until he finally went to see neurologists in high school. The neurologist said that he had early onset of Parkinson’s. As a young high schooler, this diagnosis confused him because he had only seen older people with Parkinson’s. How could he possibly have this condition? The neurologist put him on an anti-epilepsy medicine to help with his shakes. The side-effects were too disorientating, however, so he discontinued the treatment.

Years later, Fernandez saw another neurologist. This doctor had him perform a series of actions using his hands and then asked him to stand still with his hands by his sides. When his hands were at rest, the tremor was diminished — a telltale sign this was essential tremor, not Parkinson’s. His suggested treatment, however, didn’t sound appealing to Fernandez. The doctor explained a treatment that would drill into Fernandez’s brain to treat the tremor, and then explained the possible, worst-case-scenario side effects. Fernandez decided to not take the risk.

Still, Fernandez didn’t want to live his whole life with a tremor. He eventually hit his boiling point but couldn’t find a treatment he felt comfortable with. A few months ago he stumbled across a YouTube video about Neuravive, a treatment that lesions the affected area of the brain without using radiation or surgery. This entirely changed his view on essential tremor. “My whole life kind of shifted, like an earthquake,” Fernandez said. “Like, there’s something that can be done to fix what I’ve battled with for so long.”

He continued to research the treatment until he discovered Doug Couch and heard his story. Excited to find someone with a similar experience, Fernandez reached out to finally talk to someone else about life with tremors. And through that connection, he was able to get in touch with a facility that could finally treat his tremors.

Fernandez completed the Neuravive treatment this April and finally experiences a diminished hand tremor — a feeling he hasn’t had his entire life. Want to hear more about Fernandez’s story? You can hear him discuss his experiences on this episode of Tremor Talks before his treatment and this episode after his treatment. He couldn’t have gotten tremor relief without the “white glove service” offered for free by the Essential Tremor Education Center. If you want to know if Neuravive or another treatment option may be available to you, please reach out to one of our educators by calling 844-NO-TREMOR today and receive the same service as Kyle.