Patient Spotlight: Raegan Earney

The Essential Tremor Education Center would like to highlight our educator Raegan for the work he has done to support those who are looking for essential tremor treatment. We believe education and support are the first steps to helping others take their health into their own hands. Our educators do their best to assist those who are currently struggling with these frustrating tremors.

Raegan Earney was drawn to essential tremor education because he enjoys doing what he can to help others. He says that, for those with essential tremor, “It hits their self-esteem. Because it’s not life-threatening, it’s not seen as really bad.” Many people are even unaware essential tremor exists—despite it being the most common movement tremor.

While Raegan does what he can to support others, he notes that it can be a struggle when he can’t give them what they need: “You can hear the desperation in their voice, and it’s frustrating when you don’t have any other options for them.” But he’s still glad he can be a source of comfort for many. He finds it most comforting “when you get the call back and you can hear their confidence level go up.” He adds, “Some people have had it since they were a teenager. It’s awesome to see them with a new, positive aspect of life.”

He’s also helped educate others about Neuravive, a noninvasive treatment option that minimizes the tremor without surgery or radiation. He says he’s received common questions, such as cost and safety of the treatment. But he’s also had some odd questions as well, such as “If you were a person that lived in the top .05 of nutrition and healthy-living, super disciplined, would that affect the treatment in any way?” Of course, while everyone responds to treatment differently, many have experienced a diminished tremor post-procedure.

Raegan is hopeful about the future of Neuravive. He says, “Technology is getting better every day. Soon they’ll be able to do both sides and help head tremors. Neuravive is looking very hopeful.” Currently, Neuravive is only able to treat the tremors in one hand—but for many, a steadier dominant hand can be life-changing.

To everyone who currently has essential tremor, Raegan sends words of support: “They’re not alone. There are a lot of people out there that deal with the same thing. There are treatment options for you.” If you’re currently considering essential tremor treatment and want to learn more about potential options, please call 844-NO-TREMOR today to speak with one of our educators.