Patient Spotlight: Ruth Salter “It is Worth Seeking Treatment”

More and more patients are experiencing the benefits of Neuravive, also known as MR-guided focused ultrasound. This non-invasive essential tremor treatment uses focused ultrasound to lesion the area of the brain causing the tremor, without using surgery. Today we’d like to share the story of Ruth Salter, who benefits from a steadier hand post-procedure.

Salter’s tremors began when she was 68 years old. More recently, she found they were getting worse—her voice and balance were starting to bother her. Her shaking hands made it difficult to perform daily and specialized tasks, from eating and writing to sewing and knitting.

She decided to undergo the Neuravive procedure after getting a call from a friend who had seen Dr. Michael Kaplitt, a Neurosurgeon at Weill Cornell Medical Center, speak with his patient Alexandra Lebenthal about the benefits of Neuravive. Salter investigated the procedure based on her friend’s recommendation.

After treatment, Salter has been able to return to her day-to-day life: “I can eat without a problem and can write legibly. I had breakfast with friends—they were impressed that I don’t have a tremor in my right hand anymore.” At this time, Neuravive can only treat one side at a time. This, however, is enough steadiness for patients to perform basic tasks once again.

To others currently considering treatment, Salter says, “If it is really interfering with their quality of life, it is worth seeking treatment.” But, she adds, “One thing I wasn’t prepared for was the itching on my scalp as my hair grew back in.” Patients undergoing Neuravive must have their heads shaved so the ultrasound waves can better reach the target area in the brain. While hair always grows back, with Neuravive, your chances of having your tremor come back are slim, which is showcased in our most-recent patient results.

Are you or a loved one experiencing essential tremor? As Ruth Salter’s story shows, there’s no need to feel stuck with your tremors. If you’d like to learn more about Neuravive, or other essential tremor treatments that may be available, please call the Essential Tremor Education Center today at 844-NO-TREMOR, 844-668-7366, to speak to one of our educators.