Relaxation Techniques for Those with Essential Tremor

Stress is bad for everyone’s mental and physical health. If you have essential tremor, stress can also exacerbate symptoms. Managing your anxiety with relaxation techniques can offer some much-needed relief from stress-related essential tremor symptoms. When you have a few minutes in a quiet, relaxing space, try practicing some of these exercises.

Deep Breathing

What’s the first thing we hear when we’re stressed? “Take a deep breath.” It’s true — slow, focused breathing is great for your health. You can practice rhythmic breathing by counting slowly to five as you inhale, and then do the same as you exhale. Notice how your body naturally relaxes on the exhale. It may also help if you incorporate visual techniques into your breathing. Imagine relaxation entering your body through your breath as you inhale, then picture stress leaving your body as you exhale.

Relax Your Muscles

If you’ve ever practiced meditation, you may be familiar with progressive muscle relaxation. While taking deep, slow breaths, pay attention to an individual part of your body where you may be holding tension, then imagine relaxing that part of your body before moving on to another muscle. You can repeat this exercise until your whole body is relaxed. If this is difficult, it may help to combine this exercise with calming music.

Think Positive Thoughts

When we’re stressed, we tend to be overwhelmed by negative thoughts. Embracing positive imagery can help take some of the edge off. Repeat positive mantras when you’re trying to relax, for example: I am strong. I am healthy. Everything is going to be okay. This can help to rid yourself of any negativity that brings stress.

Relaxation can certainly help manage stress levels and lower the negative physical and mental side effects of stress. However, it is not enough to cure a tremor. If your essential tremor symptoms are greatly affecting your quality of life, it may be time to consider treatment. Our educators at the Essential Tremor Education Center are here to answer your questions and help determine a treatment plan. You can speak to an educator today by calling 844-NO-TREMOR today.