The Difference between Modern vs. Contemporary Interior Design Styles

Have you ever thought that the modern and contemporary interior design styles are different? Most people think they are the same, and the two options can be used in place of the other. The notion is also supported by the dictionary definition of the two terms, calling them synonyms. However, there are some differences between modern and contemporary interior designs. The two have varied differences that you ought to know.

The two designs share some characteristics, just like any design in the home décor. It is easy to tell that the modern interior design style gets its inspiration from the early 20th century and has a solid line and a liking to natural colours. On the other hand, contemporary design is a dynamic design that keeps changing from time to time.

Understanding the Modern Interior Design Style

Modern design has been used for years. The movement is ancient and dates back to the 19th century when the German Bauhaus, with help from the Scandinavian style, came up with a design that only focuses on simplicity and function. Over the years, the modern design has survived all the new trends and continues to be used in home décor to date.

Modern design has many bright colours added to prove things like modernism that you can never find in postmodernism styles. The design is more about the function of its independence and how it has been stable with no changes over the past several years.

Understanding the Contemporary Interior Design Style

Since 1970, everything in between the date is regarded as contemporary. It is the period of postmodernism, and people have welcomed it with warm hands clinging on to new trends day in day out. At its establishment, contemporary design was a mixture of styles, and it had no name or recognition. Afterward, it began taking many styles from both modernism and postmodernism and developed into a concrete type that can now be celebrated as contemporary interior design.

The design also got some ideas from top designs such as art deco, deconstructivism, futurism, and several other design styles.

The design is ever dynamic. It changes rapidly with almost every decade, and there is no consistent style with contemporary interior design. There is no specific period that you can name to have ties with the modern design. The design focus on the days’ trends and reflects the current lifestyle.

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You now understand the perfect difference between modern and contemporary interior design. Help others in understanding it to avoid future confusion.

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